The Search for Uncensored Feminist Truth (and Justice) is a dire one. At least 51% of the human population is being subjected to inequality, injustice and inhumane treatment. How can women stand back and do nothing when their fellow women are being oppressed and ignored by the powers that be?

In this journal I endeavour to bring forward (with facts and figures) the truth about how women are really treated in the world today, what we can do it about and how to combat injustice and lies that continues to plague women world wide.


The Truth about Vietnamese Girls

By Ai Lung Nguyen - July 2011.

I am a globe trotting Vietnamese girl... I've been all over Asia, North America and Europe... so many places to go, so many things to do, so many men to leave disappointed.

And that is the truth of it.

Western men (no thanks to Hollywood movies about the Vietnam War) have got it in their minds that all Vietnamese women are "Me love you long time". And that is really all they know about Vietnam and its women.

So when they meet women like me and discover that Vietnamese women have brains and brawn, wow, they have to stop and rethink what they've been brainwashed to believe.

So here is some FACTS for you!

#1. Vietnamese women outnumber the men. Vietnamese men often die before the age of 65. There is a lot of Vietnamese women out there who are in their 70s or older and lonely. (The ratio of men to women older than 65 is less than 2 men for every 3 women.)

#2. Prostitution is actually pretty low in Vietnam. Quite a few Vietnamese women are very traditional and would never stoop to such a degrading occupation. (Las Vegas on the other hand...)

#3. Vietnamese women are not "dragon ladies". Although some of the feminists might enjoy describing themselves that way... it does not in any way mean that Vietnamese women are "cold blooded reptiles". We're like any other women. We have feelings, if you prick us do we not get pissed off?

#4. Vietnam does have a feminist movement. Feminist groups in Vietnam started appearing during the 1960s and have been growing stronger ever since.

#5. The birth rate in Vietnam is low compared to the rest of the world. 17.07 births/1,000 population. 1.91 children born / woman. For comparison purposes the USA has 2.06 children born / woman.

#6. The literacy rate for women in Vietnam is 92%. The average for the country is 94%. (Mostly its the older generation which is illiterate.) Note: Literacy in the USA is 99.1%.

#7. Historically Vietnamese girls stay in school less than boys. Boys usually quit after 11 years of schooling whereas the average for Vietnamese girls is 10 years. The numbers are due to the fact that older generation of women often weren't schooled as much, but these numbers are improving rapidly as the younger generation realizes the importance of a good education. (In the USA the averages is 15 years for boys and 17 years for girls.)

#8. Vietnamese women have surprisingly lower breast cancer rates than women in North America. Why? We live and eat healthier. Less smoking, less carcinogens in our food. Our life expectancy is going up. In the USA life expectancy is going down due to skyrocketing obesity rates.

#9. Most women in Vietnam ride motorcycles, scooters or bicycles to work. Although this is equally true of the men. Motorcycles/etc are EXTREMELY popular in Vietnam.

#10. Vietnamese women rock! Okay technically its more pop music, but Vietnamese girl bands are an ever growing phenomenon. (Spice Girls eat your heart out.)

[Sources: CIA World Factbook and other sources.]

Vietnam is a modern Asian country and it is changing rapidly. The country is currently in a stage of massive industrial expansionism and these means lots of jobs for both men and women in Vietnam. There is a problem with 'sweatshop' labour of uneducated women, often immigrants not even from Vietnam, but this problem is gradually going to disappear as the government cracks down on illegal operations.

Vietnam does have some government corruption issues, but this is the same everywhere in the world. The difference is that in Vietnam everyone knows the government is corrupt, in comparison Americans are often blinded by their own biases and don't care that they're being swindled by men in Wall Street.

So to all the Asiaphile men out there you guys need a reality check. If you guys are so easily swindled by Wall Street what makes you think your opinion of Asian women is as accurate as the stock market? Apples and Oranges, but the point is made.

Some people just can't see the lies when they're surrounded by them.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this post, Ai Lung Nguyen!!

    I LOVE that t-shirt!!!! "Nobody loves an Asiaphile"!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant. I gotta get one.

    I'll mention that all of the girls and women I know who have been in prostitution didn't choose to be prostitutes--they were trafficked or pimped into it by seductive pr*cks.

    Here's a great blog by an ex-prostitute about all the grotesque, traumatic harm of it:

    One of my bestest friends is a great woman writer who was a prostitute when she was a teenager. She ran away from an abusive home and was "helped out" by a pimp pretending to give a sh*t about her. He seasoned her to be a prostitute to make money for him. Finally a group of radical lesbian feminists kidnapped her and got her off the street. It was one of the best things to have happened to her.

    I could send you some of her writing about that time in her life, if you like.

    Take care and keep breaking down the gross stereotypes of Vietnamese women!!!!!!!

  2. It's interesting that some of the facts you listed above are the very reason that I appreciate Asian women - and specifically, Vietnamese women. I have had the pleasure of having Vietnamese students in my high school classes - some born here in the U.S. and others who are very recent immigrants. I also have a very close Vietnamese friend (a girl, but not a girl friend) - she and I chat nearly every day. I can only say that I have the utmost respect and appreciation for "Người dân Việt Nam
    " - and especially for "Phụ nữ Việt Nam".

    I try very hard to ignore the "crap" that Hollywood spews regarding any group of people - they are usually quite wrong.

    Oh - the students I have had are some of the hardest working and committed students I have ever had. My friend (many years my junior) is a college student. She is getting her U.S. citizenship this fall. When she arrived in the U.S., her English abilities were essentially "zero". Now, I would pit her against 70% of U.S. nationals her age. She still has a heavy accent and probably always will - but her written communications are nearly flawless.

    I will visit Vietnam for the first time during the new year - I have been told that Tet in Hue is one of the most beautiful events in the world. While I am there, I may just find a wonderful Vietnamese woman to share my experiences. If the relationship ends when my visit is over, I hope that it will be one that I remember with great fondness. If it continues on . . . well, we will just see what happens. But be assured, I won't be looking for prostitutes or "easy" girls - that's never been my style.

    I am also slowly adopting a Vietnamese diet . . . one, because I like Vietnamese food, and two, because I don't want to be one of those obesity statistics you mentioned in your article.

    Maybe I've rambled a little - I admit I am just writing this as it comes to me - no outline or agenda. I just wanted to share with you that not all American men share the common misconceptions about women from Vietnam. Call me an Asiaphile if you want, but frankly, I have more appreciation and respect for Asian women then I do for most "American" women - mainly because, Asian women have earned it.

    Paul B.

  3. Interesting article- is that your photo at the top? I don't think it is. Be brave and put your OWN photo in your own article instead of hiding behind a model.
    It's strange to read such hate right beside beautiful women smiling who is obviously content with themselves and their life. Hard to see the connection between the angry/frustrated writing and the serene photo.
    I love Asian girls and I won't defend myself for knowing what I like. I'm glad you are proud to stand up and be proud of your country.
    I've had a Vietnamese girlfriend a few years ago and sometimes I still think of her for her vitality and playful honesty. She'd been raped when she was 9 years old but she now still embraced her femininity and its inherent strength and still her love of life still drew attention to herself wherever she went (I love girls who love life). I met her when she was 21. She was always shy and didn't like photographs but was happy to try new things.
    That t-shirt is interesting, I can see why some people would like it but I'm not a fan :) I've had girls from all over the world but I've only fallen deeply in love three times and two of those times were with Asian girls. To each their own :)

  4. I think it is good to remind people about the fact that some men, I say some, still have a an attitude and behavior that does not belong here in 2012.

    And there are very many interesting facts here that we should take into us.

    Coming from a country that in decades have been known to have men who treat women with respect and dignity, I also want Asian women to understand that most men are kind and respectful and only wish to have a safe and happy life for both she and him.
    In my part of Europe, there problem with women is that they have been treated so well so long time, here it is the man who is the discriminated part.

    In a situation where native women are just looking for squeezing as much money and benefits from their husband before they jump to a man which apparently have even more money, I really see that Asian women becomes very attractive for men.

    Honestly, I see nothing wrong with that: Perhaps a decent man finally can get a decent wife?


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